A Quick Guide to the Types of Insurance a Business Owner Should Have

Making sure you have the right business insurance in La Canada Flintridge is essential for running a smooth operation. You never know when an unfortunate event might get in the way of your path toward profits. Instead of a disaster causing further damage through lawsuits, you can prevent a financial meltdown with customized business insurance.

Different Types of Commercial Insurance

There’s a wide range of commercial insurance available, depending on your company, its location, and other factors. Each business must customize its own plan based on industry risks.

  • Restaurants need equipment breakdown insurance in case a boiler or other cooking appliances break down.
  • A construction company benefits from Builder’s Risk insurance to cover structures while they are being built. Another type of coverage your business may need at some point is an ordinance or law insurance. This add-on covers the costs of building demolition and rebuilding based on modern building codes.
  • Many different types of businesses may need to work periodically with a debris removal service, especially after a storm or demolition. Getting debris removal insurance as an add-on can save your company money over time. Keep in mind that property insurance only pays for rebuilding a structure and not for debris removal.

Why Customized Commercial Insurance Matter?

Some businesses look for the lowest cost solutions without thinking much about the consequences of limited coverage. They purchase a general plan with standard limits, and then when someone files a major claim, the business lacks sufficient coverage to pay for the damage. Business owners are expected to pay the difference when medical bills for a victim injured at their establishment exceed coverage limits.

The key to avoiding coverage gaps is to talk with a commercial insurance expert about your business, what it does, and the number of people it employs. You can then work together to map out areas where things might go wrong for your business and add customized coverage accordingly. Getting business insurance in La Canada Flintridge is easy if you talk with our seasoned commercial insurance agent.

Coverages You Need to Protect Your Business

Every business with employees needs certain coverage to reduce the risks of litigation. Workers’ compensation is required in most states so that if workers are injured on the job, the employer will pay for recovery and income loss. A business that purchases and uses vehicles must get commercial auto insurance. Most other forms of business insurance are not required by law but can come in handy to pay for an unforeseen disaster.

Offering health insurance is not a requirement for employers, but it is a meaningful way to attract high-quality talent to an enterprise. Businesses that rely on workers carrying their own healthcare plans may find it difficult to attract long-term employees. Developing a loyal team is now more crucial than ever before, as high turnover rates cut into profits. So don’t think of offering benefits as money down the drain.

General liability insurance provides a safety net against various types of lawsuits, including injuries at the establishment and defamation, which involves making unsupported unflattering claims about an individual. For instance, accusing a customer of stealing with no evidence to back it up can lead to a defamation suit. General liability coverage will pay for legal costs in such cases.

Types of Business Insurance You May Need

  • Professional Liability Insurance – Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, this policy extends an existing plan with deeper coverage. It covers failure to render professional services in case something gets damaged by your product or service.
  • Property InsuranceCommercial property coverage pays for damage caused by fires, storms, and certain other disasters. If you don’t own commercial property, you might consider getting renters insurance to pay for damages employees might cause to the property.
  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – This policy bundles all the coverage a business owner needs in one package as a turnkey solution. You can customize BOP to fit your specific operation.
  • Cyber Insurance -You’ll need this add-on coverage as protection against a data breach if you store confidential data on electronic systems. These days, cybersecurity breaches are becoming much more common, even with big corporate targets. The coverage pays for new computers and other technology damaged by the attack.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – This coverage pays for lost wages and other operational expenses resulting from a business shut down due to a disaster like a fire.

There are many types of business insurance to consider,  but it will be different for every industry. Perhaps your business needs glass insurance because you occupy a building full of glass windows. For filling in policy gaps, consider an umbrella policy that extends an existing policy with deeper coverage. Talk with an insurance expert to see if you can get a discount for bundling different plans together.

Protect Your Business Today

At the moment, you may be satisfied with your current business insurance coverage. Nonetheless, ask yourself, are you prepared for every possible major fiasco that might threaten your business? A general plan provides sufficient coverage for many small businesses. Yet, medium to large companies needs more complex coverage, especially if they involve thousands of employees, customers, and other visitors.

Getting the right business insurance in La Canada Flintridge is one of the pillars to long-term success. Protecting your assets and caring for others who engage with your brand is essential for business reputation. Contact us at Knight Insurance Services to learn more about how we can provide you with the customized coverage you need.

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