Workers Compensation

Secure the Right Coverage to Protect Your Employees

As an employer, you know you need to keep your employees safe. That means maintaining a safe work environment, encouraging communication, and investing in reliable workers compensation insurance. Having such a policy in place gives you and your team the confidence that you can move your business forward.

At Knight Insurance Services, we offer comprehensive workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles County, Greater Los Angeles, and beyond. Our policies provide financial benefits to your employees who are injured or suffer work-related illnesses while working on the job.

Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

In California, workers compensation is required of every business - even if they only have one employee on the books. Workers compensation insurance isn't part of a business owners policy (BOP). Instead, it's a special, stand-along form of commercial insurance that provides protection for those key players on your team - your staff.

While workers compensation insurance helps protect your employees in the event of workplace injuries or accidents, it also protects your business from lawsuits resulting from such incidents and provides compensation to employees for lost income.

Do You Need Workers' Compensation Insurance?

What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

Our workers compensation insurance pays for:

1 Injury or Illness

If an employee is injured or sick while working or due to a work-related event, compensation insurance will pay for their:

  • Medical bills
  • A portion of lost income during the time the employee is unable to work
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation costs

2 Death in service

If an employee dies due to a work-related incident while at work, the workers compensation insurance will:

  • Pay for the employee's funeral costs
  • Provide death benefits to the employee's family and other dependents
What Does Workers' Compensation Cover?

Why Choose Us?

Knight Insurance Services is a trusted independent insurance agency. We have been providing comprehensive insurance services throughout Los Angeles County and Greater Los Angeles for almost 100 years. We follow a personalized and professional approach while customizing your workers compensation insurance policy and make sure to prioritize precision, compassion, and value in our services.

Contact the experts at Knight Insurance Services if you are looking for the best workers compensation insurance near you. We provide customized coverage that protects your employees as well as your business.

Why Choose Us?
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