Construction Risk Management: 10 Modern Solutions to Maximize Productivity & Safety

Various risks need to be managed in the construction industry to reduce the number of injury claims. Contractors must review all potential risks and plan for more actionable construction risk management.

Investing in cloud services and mobile devices is an effective way to strengthen and streamline your operation.

Here are ten modern solutions to maximize construction productivity and safety:

  1. Mobile Technology

    The combination of mobile devices and cloud technology can help streamline communication resulting in improved construction processes. Crew members can clarify issues quickly or notify others about risks via their mobile devices.

  2. Cloud-based Technology

    Cloud computing is at the core of everything on this list. It’s the key to remote collaboration through interconnected technology. Moreover, the cloud is home to many valuable subscription-based software services.

  3. BIM Software

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) software is used by a growing number of contractors for streamlining and reducing risks. Mobile-friendly versions of this software, such as PlanGrid BIM, can help contractors direct their teams more efficiently.

  4. Collaboration Tools for Documentation and Communication

    Investing in an app that lowers labor risks by facilitating transparent communication and collaboration is crucial. Construction management software should exist as a hub for all members to access shared information.

  5. Task and Schedule Tracking

    One way to keep workers focused on productivity and avoid falling behind schedule is to use a task and schedule tracking app. This solution will ensure accountability and help team members collaborate seamlessly.

  6. Automation Tools

    Employing automation tools can save you from tedious, manual labor, especially while performing regular tasks such as data entry. It also reduces the possibility of errors such as misspelled words or missing numbers.

  7. IoT and Wearables

    Wearable technology that taps into real-time data is excellent for team collaborators. The data is derived from multiple sources embedded with the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

  8. AI and Machine Learning

    Even construction experts sometimes have difficulty projecting future construction risks due to limited analytical skills.  AI and Machine learning generate risk projections based on extensive historical data that humans may find difficult to understand.

  9. Subcontractor Prequalification

    Make sure that whoever you hire as a subcontractor is qualified to perform the tasks you assign to them at the construction site. You must interview each subcontractor to ensure no one on your team is unqualified. You can also use apps such as BuildingConnected’s TradeTapp for filtering out unqualified candidates.

  10. A Connected Tech Ecosystem

    Working with several software tools empowers construction teams, but it’s imperative to test various apps to ensure they all communicate with each other. Software solutions that are interconnected through cloud technology give supervisors, analysts, and workers a broader suite of tools for resolving assignment questions and problems swiftly.

Why Be Proactive About Construction Risk Management?

Paying attention to risk is an essential component of any business that utilizes human labor to interact with dangerous machinery such as electric drills. The futuristic concept of robots replacing humans for dangerous tasks is already popular. However, only large companies, such as automakers, can invest in a fleet of robots capable of handling hazardous tasks. Nonetheless, investing in construction management software simplifies and speeds up operations.

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