How to Save Money with a Smart Home Security System?

Aug 10, 2022

Homeowners Insurance

How to Save Money with a Smart Home Security System?

By installing a smart home security system, you can reduce your risk of burglaries, intrusion, and theft. Recent technological advancements have made these systems more connected than ever. Nowadays, most of the solutions provide multiple integrations, such as smart thermostats and smoke sensors/fire alarms, which can be controlled remotely via an app. The entire setup, with all these “smart” gadgets, makes your life at home a lot easier.

A smart home security system can also help you save money in several ways, including:

    1. Burglary Protection

      Thieves break into more than a million homes each year and steal goods worth thousands of dollars. You can avoid being a burglary victim and keep your personal property safe by investing in a smart home security system. Such systems provide remote surveillance capabilities, allowing you to see what's going on in your house even when you're away. Thanks to the doorbell cameras and motion sensors, you and local authorities are notified immediately after an intrusion is detected. Also, the noticeable video cameras outside your house can deter would-be burglars.

    2. Protection of Life and Property

      A fire that breaks out anywhere in your home, especially in the kitchen, poses a grave danger to life and property. Water damage is also an exposure that may need constant monitoring. When you have a smart security system in place, smoke sensors, water monitors, and “intelligent” power outlets can help avert tragedy and protect your assets and family. For instance, a smart outlet can automatically turn off a hair straightener you forgot to switch off when leaving for work.

    3. Reduction of Utility Bills

      If you're like most homeowners, energy is a huge component of your monthly expenses. The cost can add up quickly when there are too many lights on in and around your property. Keeping the heat on when there's nobody using it at home can also work up your power bills. To eliminate energy wastage and reduce associated costs, consider deploying a system with a smart thermostat. The gadget will track your daily schedule and can autonomously adjust the indoor temperature based on necessity. With the mobile/remote functionality, you can configure the thermostat from your smartphone. Similarly, a smart outlet lets you switch off the lights or electronic gadgets when nobody's using them. Adding these devices to your smart home security system can bring significant savings on your electricity bills.

    4. Minimizing Appliances' Rate of Wear and Tear

      Adopting smart home devices can help extend the life of your household appliances and systems by reducing their usage. Often, the HVAC is allowed to run for longer than necessary, which accelerates its wear and tear. The same is true for household electronics and light bulbs. Smart home technology can reduce the frequency and cost of replacing or repairing these appliances.

    5. Lowering Homeowners Insurance Premiums

      By deploying a smart home security system, you may qualify for a 15% discount on your homeowners insurance premiums. Most insurers will provide the discount after assessing that your home is more secure, meaning that you're less likely to file a claim. To know if you qualify for a premium reduction, consult your insurance agent. You may be eligible for the discount if your home security solution has features such as:

      • Theft protection
      • Fire safety

These are some of the ways you can save money when you install a smart home security system. To save more with a custom homeowners insurance policy, contact us at Knight Insurance right away! Our team is happy to help you find a personalized policy that fully protects your home.