3 Reasons to Review Your Home Insurance Policy

Home insurance in Flintridge, CA, just as in many other places, is constantly evolving. Over time, homeowners may want to build additions or make improvements to their property. Any modifications to the home can affect insurance rates, depending on how they lower or increase risks. For example, a security system lowers risk while a swimming pool increases risk. Here’s a look at three common reasons why a homeowner may review their home insurance plan:

Reason #1 – Remodels and Renovations

When you substantially increase the value of your personal assets, you need to inform your insurer of the change. That includes when you install a swimming pool or make other home renovations that potentially add several thousand dollars in value to your home. Weatherizing your home may help lower insurance rates since it makes a home more durable against environmental elements. However, a swimming pool adds danger to the equation since it can lead to water accident claims.

Since the pandemic began, many employees have been allowed to work remotely, and so they’ve set up a home office. Sometimes this change involves converting a garage or other part of the home into a workplace. It’s a good idea to talk with your insurance agent first before venturing into an expensive project and find out how remodeling and renovations will affect your insurance coverage and rates.

Reason #2 – Inflation

Rebuilding expenses have skyrocketed in recent years due to higher material costs, supply chain shortages, and economic uncertainty in different parts of the world. The rising cost of food alone has caused many people to trim their monthly budgets. While your finances may be limited, the key is to be covered for the things you really care about.

Nevertheless, inflation doesn’t just squeeze customers, as it also cuts into the profits of insurance agencies. Insurers and their customers must often plan budgets far in advance for periods of high inflation. Rising prices affect replacement costs for home repair because dollars from stagnant wages have lower purchasing power as time goes on.

While the economy can take its toll on homeowners in several ways, it’s important not to let go of necessary coverage that can save thousands of dollars down the road. A good safety net against inflation is to cut unnecessary costs on entertainment and avoid eating at expensive restaurants. Protecting existing assets with the right insurance is an essential strategy for navigating through inflation.

Reason #3 – Personal Possessions

Personal possessions are sometimes difficult to evaluate for homeowners due to emotional attachment to objects representing solutions or good feelings. Some possessions may carry plenty of sentimental value but not much resale value on a popular marketplace website. Unfortunately, those items aren’t always covered by basic homeowners insurance plans. Certain personal items such as jewelry usually require special coverage, especially if items are antiques. Anything of considerable value will probably require a professional appraisal.

Make a list of all your personal possessions that you would want to replace if they were damaged or stolen. Then share this inventory list with your insurer and discuss your coverage options. Having this vital conversation with your agent will demystify home insurance and eliminate surprises when it’s time to file a claim.

While standard homeowners insurance in Flintridge, CA, covers many items on your property, some possessions may require special add-on coverage. It’s best to discuss your valuables with a professional insurance expert to know how to get proper coverage. Contact us at¬†Knight Insurance Services¬†for any further questions you have about your home insurance needs.

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