Business Insurance

What Are Typically Excluded from Commercial Property Insurance?

A commercial property insurance policy helps protect the physical assets of your business, including your building, equipment, fences, inventory, furniture, and electronics, against unexpected events and hazards. However, you must understand that it will not cover everything that damages your business property. There are some exclusions in the policy, and knowing them will help you

Employee Benefits

Some of the Most Common Reasons Employees Sue Their Employers

These days, employment-related lawsuits are becoming common. Whether employers are sued for wrongful termination, inaccurate advice, or negligent acts, the average cost of defending such a lawsuit is around $125,000 to $250,000. While not every employment lawsuit is preventable, you can reduce the risk of legal proceedings by understanding the typical reasons why employees sue

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How to Save Money with a Smart Home Security System?

By installing a smart home security system, you can reduce your risk of burglaries, intrusion, and theft. Recent technological advancements have made these systems more connected than ever. Nowadays, most of the solutions provide multiple integrations, such as smart thermostats and smoke sensors/fire alarms, which can be controlled remotely via an app. The entire setup,

Liability Insurance

5 Manufacturing Risks That General Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover

If you manufacture goods, general liability (GL) insurance can protect your company in the event of bodily injury caused by your products, factory operations, or services to others. However, like other manufacturers, you’ll face a unique set of risks that GL policies don’t usually cover. Exposures like a product recall, logistical bottlenecks, and operational interruptions

Personal Insurance

Important Variables to Be Aware of While Researching Boat Insurance

As the weather starts to heat up around the country, many people are ready to take their boats out of storage and have fun by the water. While you’re preoccupied planning your next party, consider some of the risks associated with operating a boat. Purchasing boat insurance is recommended because it gives you a safety