Understanding General Liability Insurance Coverage for Independent Contractors

Jun 14, 2023

Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Coverage for Independent Contractors

General liability insurance is an essential part of your business insurance policy. It protects small businesses, including independent contractors, for several liability claims. Also, many customers require contractors to carry liability coverage to be eligible for contracts and agreements.

Continue reading to learn the importance of general liability insurance for independent contractors, its cost, and how a contractor can purchase this coverage.

Importance of General Liability Insurance for Independent Contractors

Contractors are at a high risk of being sued and need comprehensive insurance coverage to protect themselves and their businesses to avoid paying for liability claims from their pockets. Accidents can happen anytime, even with the most efficient risk management plans. Not having requisite liability coverage may lead to substantial financial losses for your business.

We will discuss why general liability insurance is essential for your contractor business.

Keeps your business financially secure

General liability insurance for contractors secures your business against liability claims that may include bodily injuries, property damage, and advertisement injury. If the aggrieved party sues you, the legal costs and the settlement amount, if you are found liable for the incident, are covered by this insurance.

Helps you get more work

Your job opportunities grow if you have general liability insurance for contractors as part of your business insurance coverage. Your clients are reassured that with the insurance, you have the resources to pay for any mishap-related damages caused by you. Also, many clients lay it down as a pre-requisite before you sign a contract with them.

Ensures your compliance with state regulations

Different states have varied liability insurance-related guidelines and business regulations that you must comply with. You should know your state’s requirements and accordingly buy the required coverage.

How Can an Independent Contractor Be Held Liable?

Since independent contractors' work varies based on their profession, the potential risk factors also differ for each. However, for example, while the risks for a construction contractor may vary from that of a graphic designer, they both may face liability charges for an accident at work if someone is injured or suffers property damage or any other loss.

Regardless of your business type, having general liability insurance for contractors is vital.

Cost of General Liability Insurance

The general liability insurance coverage cost for contractors depends on several factors, such as:

  • Profession
  • Place of work
  • Number of employees
  • Previous insurance claims
  • Coverage limit needed
  • Deductible

How Does an Independent Contractor Get General Liability Insurance Coverage?

While it has been established if you are an independent contractor, you must have general liability insurance for contractors; there are different ways to get the coverage. They are:

  • Buy your general liability insurance coverage
  • Get coverage from your client’s general liability insurance as an additional insured
  • Get coverage from a blanket additional insured endorsement purchased by your client or the general contractor for the project

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