How to Claim Lost Wages from a Car Accident?

Aug 09, 2023

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Severe car accident injuries need medical care and a long recovery process. As an accident victim, you might not be able to work during this time, which can lead to lost wages. The good news is that if you have lost wages auto insurance claim, you will receive coverage for such lost wages. All you have to do is file a personal injury claim.

What Are Lost Wages?

Lost wages are the earnings you would have made at work if not injured. For example, you might miss work for two weeks due to a car accident. You would need a longer recovery time (probably several months) for severe accidents. So, the lost wages from the car accident would start from the accident day to the day you re-join work.

Who Is Responsible for Paying Lost Wages in a Car Accident?

Primarily, an insurance company will offer coverage for lost wages. If you are injured in an accident for the other driver's fault, that driver's auto insurance company covers your lost income. Most car insurance policies offer coverage for bodily injuries, so file a claim at the earliest. For severe cases, you have to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault. Sometimes, the driver might also have to use his funds to cover your lost wages.

Proving and Calculating Lost Wages from Car Accidents

The calculation of lost wages is done by multiplying the work you missed by your pay rate. For instance, if you missed 40 hours of work and your pay rate is $15 per hour, your lost wages will be $600. For salaried workers, the calculation is done on a pro-rated basis. Keep track of the missed work hours to get proper compensation for the losses.

If you are wondering how to prove your lost wage, the steps are as follows:

  • A letter from your employer stating you missed work due to car accident injuries.
  • A letter from the doctor describing the injuries and treatment process and why it led to missing work.

How to File a Claim?

You have to file a claim to get the money after the accident. You have to follow the following steps:

  1. Request your insurance company if you think you are at fault. You might receive coverage as a benefit.
  2. Request the other driver’s insurance company if the other party is at fault. Make claims for the lost wages accordingly.
  3. If it is a grave and severe accident, you can file a lawsuit against the other party.

The Time It Takes to Get Lost Wages from a Car Accident

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact time for getting lost wages from a car accident since legal settlements for lost wages from a car accident can take quite some time.

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