11 Employee Benefits That Support Mental Health at Work

Feb 15, 2023

Employee Benefits

employee benefits that support mental health

Employers should mark their calendars for October 10 to observe World Mental Health Day. The new direction in business since the pandemic has been to view mental health as a factor in business productivity. Here's a closer look at employees beneath fits that support mental health.

Employee Benefits to Help Improve the Mental Health of Your Employees at Work

  1. Employee assistance program (EAP)

    Businesses partner with employee assistance programs as a benefit to help employees overcome personal trouble. An EAP can assist individuals with social, marital, financial, and substance abuse problems.

  2. Health insurance

    Many companies offer their employees opportunities to join their group healthcare plans as an incentive to attract seasoned talent. It's among the most common employee benefits that support mental health since many of today's health plans.

  3. Leadership training

    It's important to train your managers to see through the stigma associated with mental health. Instead of alienating workers who become mentally ill, which may start with depression, it's more productive to offer treatment. The more you can retain loyal employees, regardless of mental health issues, the less you'll need to spend on new trainees.

  4. Technology

    Telemedicine has helped speed up the pace of mental health treatment. Patients can get answers to their questions quickly through automated telemedicine services. Managers should learn how cognitive behavior therapy can help workers overcome mental illness.

  5. Resiliency training and stress management

    A proven way to deal with a crisis or change is a combination of resiliency training and stress management. Resiliency training involves emphasizing the positive side of a challenge. Stress management helps you relax and deal with pressure. Large businesses are increasingly offering their employees these courses.

  6. Parental leave

    According to a Harris poll, 80 percent of employees feel they are under financial stress. This is particularly true of those who are raising families. One way to show employees your company cares about their well-being is to offer paid time off for parents of new infants.

  7. Financial literacy education

    Another concern for employers about the well-being of employees is financial literacy. Many employees are under financial stress because they need direction in managing their finances. Financial literacy training helps employees expand their vocabulary on economic issues and develop a sustainable budget.

  8. PTO

    Paid time off (PTO) mixes sick leave with vacation time. It's a flexible way to help employees spend time with their families or reset after a traumatic event. The plan allows an employee to select a block of time to take off at the start of each year.

  9. Flexible work

    Employers are increasingly cognizant that flexibility needs to be part of the equation to maintain a loyal staff. Even if the regular schedule is 9-5, there should still be a degree of flexibility if employees have personal responsibilities to handle.

  10. Childcare

    Offering childcare services is another way to gain favor with seasoned talent. An on-site daycare program for kids can be very helpful to employees because it relieves stress for both parents.

  11. Social stuff

    Your workplace should allow social interaction between employees to help build team spirit. Many individuals become depressed when they experience too much isolation.

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