Employee Benefits

Some Common Examples of Small Business Employee Benefits

When we evaluate various job opportunities, it’s easy to think that for most of us, the most important consideration is salary. However, studies reveal that this is often not the case. A Glassdoor survey revealed that 5 out of every four workers would rather have additional benefits instead of a pay rise.  Here’s a detailed

Employee Benefits

5 Important Employee Benefits That You Should Offer to Your Workforce

Companies become attractive employers by offering great remuneration and positive workplace culture. However, employee benefits are crucial for organizations competing for top talent. Here are the most sought-after perks to offer your employees today. 1. Health Benefits As healthcare costs keep rising day by day, employers can stand out in the labor market by offering

Employee Benefits

4 Major Types of Employee Benefits Every Employer Should Know About

When exploring “employee benefits near me,” you’re likely thinking about extra perks to offer your workforce besides salaries. These perks may range from health plans to a stake in your company, provided that they can inspire staff loyalty to your organization. The following are the four major types of employee benefits every employer should know

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How to Protect Employee Productivity from the Effects of Identity Theft

Millions of Americans fall prey to identity theft each year. Cybercrime not only affects the personal identity of employees but also poses a threat to sensitive company information. How Can Your Employee’s Personal Identity Theft Affect Your Business? Employees who are victims of identity theft experience a lot of stress that could potentially lower their