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3 Ways California EPLI Can Protect Your Small Business

A wrongful termination or discrimination lawsuit by an employee can bring any small business to its knees if doesn’t have the financial muscle or proper insurance coverage.  With California EPLI or employment practices liability insurance, you can easily cover the cost of such a lawsuit against your business, whether you’re at fault or not. Here’s

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What Are Typically Excluded from Commercial Property Insurance?

A commercial property insurance policy helps protect the physical assets of your business, including your building, equipment, fences, inventory, furniture, and electronics, against unexpected events and hazards. However, you must understand that it will not cover everything that damages your business property. There are some exclusions in the policy, and knowing them will help you

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Understanding Your Office Insurance: Wear and Tear vs. Property Damage

Never assume everything imaginable is covered under your commercial property insurance policy. A basic plan covers a wide range of perils that warrant filing a claim, but it typically doesn’t cover damage from wear and tear. Here’s how insurance companies view the difference between worn and damaged items. Damage or Wear and Tear: What’s the

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Why Do You Need Commercial General Liability Insurance in CA?

Have you thought about starting the business of your dreams? Before you get too deep into planning, make sure you understand the benefits of commercial general liability insurance coverage. While this coverage is not required by law, it can be the solution to a wide range of issues that interfere with business success. Here are

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5 Instances When Reevaluating Your Business Insurance Makes Good Business Sense

A survey by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indicates that at least 40% of small businesses don’t reopen after a catastrophe, with businesses that lack adequate insurance coverage being more likely to face this situation. One of the main causes of underinsurance in the business space is the failure to reevaluate your business insurance needs regularly.